Teacher in Science Class


Are you a highly motivated individual who seeks to join us in our mission to inspire urban girls to engage in rigorous college preparatory learning in a small school focused on math, science and technology that nurtures their self-confidence and challenges them to achieve?

The Young Women's Leadership Charter School is fortunate to have a talented, energetic and diverse faculty strongly committed to the mission of the school. Collaboration is highly emphasized at YWLCS as is the continuation of teacher training and classroom reflection. Every YWLCS faculty member engages in an afternoon of Professional Development each week as well as a full day per month. In addition to these professional growth opportunities, YWLCS has the following faculty support groups in place:

  • Instructional Leadership Team (ILT): A small group of veteran teachers and administrators who work with new teachers and staff to maximize learning and higher-order thinking in the classroom.
  • Content Area Teams: Each teacher is a member of his or her respective content area (i.e. math, science, etc.) to ensure continuity and scaffolding within the academic discipline.
  • Academies: Teachers collaborate within their Academies - Middle School (8th grade), Junior (grades 9 & 10) or Senior (grades 11 &12) - to incorporate age-appropriate ideas for leadership, service learning, and social development into the curriculum.
  • New Teacher Roundtable: Faculty members new to teaching or new to YWLCS meet weekly to address challenges in the classroom and receive feedback from educational administrators.

Current Job Openings

Young Women's Leadership Charter School consistently seeks the highest caliber of educators to help transform the lives of its students and help them succeed in high school, in college and in the real world. To this end, YWLCS accepts resumes and cover letters from dedicated educators teaching in all subject areas in grades 8-12 on an on-going basis.

The Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago is the only public, all-girls charter school in the city of Chicago. Our mission and vision stresses the importance of excellence in 4 pillars: Academic Achievement, Career & College Preparation, Leadership, and Personal & Social Development.

Unless otherwise specified, applicants are invited to email a cover letter and resume (and/or any questions) to Attn: Manager of Talent Aquisition and Recruitment. Qualified applicants whose experience and skills match our needs will be contacted.